To my readers: I am sorry I have not posted since the month of May.  Writing a book, which is what I am engaged in, requires an enormous amount of concentration. (The picture shows me and my manuscript in my favourite café.) I hope to finish my opus soon and start blogging again.  You will automatically receive my posts as usual.

My Joie de Vivre website wages a continuing battle with hackers and spammers. I’ve put up safeguards and hope they’ll continue to work.  If you try to log in to the site and are refused, it’s because from time to time I select certain hours of the day to deny access. Let’s hope this will be a temporary situation.

In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, you can read my prose and see my photos simply by typing in my name.

Best regards from Paris and hope to be back on the site before long.




2 thoughts on “Hackers”

    1. Yes, I just wanted my dear readers to know I have dropped out of sight entirely! Hope to come up for air soon.

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