A tale of two cities

Photo:  A London street with its Christmas decorations.

A Little Pre-Christmas  Jaunt to London 

A recent trip to London with a friend:   I hadn’t been in way too long and had forgotten how easy it is via EuroStar. The weather was cold and snowy, then cold and rainy but that didn’t dampen (literally) our enthusiasm. We feasted on tea and scones (with, of COURSE, clotted cream) at Whittard’s in Covent Garden, checked out the fabulous display of food and drink at Fortnum and Mason (horrendously expensive but you can still find a few reasonably priced gifts), paid our respects to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. I sought refuge from the cold at Westminster Abbey which never ceases to enthrall me. Christmas is a wonderful time to be in London, with all the tastefully decorated Christmas trees and lighted streets. 

For some reason I feel quite English when in England – maybe because my ancestry is more than 80 per cent English. One thing I love when in England is…speaking English!  I don’t have to make the extra effort to speak French and no one asks me “where are you from?” or remarks on my “lovely accent”.  Let me see: what else do I like? I love tea time, I adore English parks, I admire the courtesy of the English and most of all, since I live in Paris, I love the streets of the city which are used ONLY by pedestrians. I am so used to dodging bikes, motorcycles, scooters, Sedgways and other motorised vehicles on Paris sidewalks that ambling without fear and trepidation came as a shock!

As I walked around London, I couldn’t help but wonder how Brexit happened and what will happen now. But that’s another story….

Photo above:  Window display at Fortnum and Mason’s in London

6 thoughts on “A tale of two cities”

  1. Fun to see our little escapade written up by a top notch observer and writer. And it’s always a great way to put perspective on a place, the place traveled to or the one left home. I keep going to London when it’s really cold, by chance, yet it never fails to charm.

    1. That trip was so much fun. Definitely to “re-do”. I put up several pictures on Facebook but my blog only seems to accommodate two at best. That’s good though – forces me to choose! Thanks for inviting me on the trip and thanks for commenting on the post!

  2. Such a perfect expression of a sentiment I am sure many Americans living in France, share. We have a flat in Chichester, West Sussex, and I cherish the time we spend there, perhaps a sum total of ten weeks a year. Pub food, shops that carry my size, English language, Anglican Church…..”nibbles,” and G and T.


    1. Thanks, Anna. How lucky you are to have a flat in England and enjoy all those “English things”. Appreciate your comment.

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