In my most recent post below on the “invisible French”, I added a link which some of my readers have told me doesn’t work.  As it’s quite complicated to rectify this on the post, I would suggest those who are interested in finding the article to google it with the following information: “Abandoned and voting for Le Pen” by Edouard Louis, International New York Times, May 5,  2017.  My apologies, and hope you’ll enjoy my article in spite of this technical glitch.

2 thoughts on “Apology!”

  1. Cynthia Dessen

    I would like to know if you, or any readers of this blog, know the name of a memoir written by a female American academic, born in the mid-West, about what it feels like to live and teach in a foreign culture. I think she was teaching French in the mid-West and the book appeared in the last ten years. I thought it was a wonderful, thoughtful read, much like your blog, but I cannot remember the name of the book or the title

    1. So sorry-nothing comes to mind. If, after looking at my library and asking my friends, something does I will get back in touch. Best regards, Harriet

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