Harriet has been invited to speak about Franco-American cultural differences based on her three books, French Toast, French Fried and Joie de Vivre at many venues in France and in the U.S., including Le Cordon Bleu, the Sweet Briar Junior Year Abroad Program, the Lycée International in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the International Media Seminar at the American University, the American Library in Paris “Evenings with an Author”, the Princeton Club in New York City and others.

In March 2016 Harriet had the pleasure of speaking to student groups from The George Washington University, Oregon Tech and Missouri Southern State University at the annual International Media Seminar held at the American University of Paris.  The theme was “the French and their ways” with the focus on the uniqueness of the French culture and the French experience.  Many in the audience had never traveled outside of the States; in their feedback, they reported that the Paris experience and what they learned about cultural differences was “life changing”. (Those who verified some of the different French customs described confirmed that the French do indeed fill wine glasses halfway and not to the top!)

In March,  Harriet also participated in a webcam conference with  students at Paris Tech Telecom  and Smith College during a Cross Cultural Connection English class headed by professor James Benenson. Students asked questions about Harriet’s books and once again learned about huge differences between France and America.  A noteworthy one is the cost of education:  Smith students said their yearly tuition is in the 65,000 dollar range. Paris Tech Telecom students reported that their tuition is 600 euros a year!

Harriet’s French husband Philippe is a bilingual retired international banker, historian,  economist and creator/webmaster of www.understandfrance.org, an intercultural website  with more than 6 million hits per year.  Harriet and Philippe are happy to speak, separately or together, to university groups and young people either in their home in Paris or other venues.


The main “event” of the past ten years has been the writing of my first novel.  (I did, however, manage to turn out my third nonfiction book, Joie de Vivre, during part of that time – see related activities below).  I am happy to announce that I finished the novel in December 2017 and it is now in the hands of my agent in New York.  The role of the agent is first of all to accept a manuscript, then work with the author so that the novel will be “ready for reading” and in the best shape possible for presentation to publishing houses. Stay tuned for further “events” regarding the book – which has a name, by the way. I am not giving it because names of books often change during the editing process.  I hope the one I chose will stay, though, as I like it a lot and it’s a perfect one-word sum-up of the story.  Wish me luck!

ARCHIVES:  On the Road with Joie de Vivre in 2013

Wednesday, September 25:  American Library in Paris, Evenings with an Author, 7:30 pm.

Saturday, September 28 : ShenFest Writers Jubilee, Shenandoah Iowa, 9 am to 12 pm :  author panel and booksigning

Sunday, September 29:   The Bookworm, Omaha, Nebraska, 1 pm : reading, booksigning

Tuesday, October 1:   Alliance Française, Chicago, 6 :30 pm :  booksigning and conference

Monday, October 7:  Alliance Française Memphis, Tennessee,  at Booksellers at Laurelwood, 7  pm : reading, signing

Wednesday, October 9: Writer’s Guild, Knoxville, Tennessee, 6 :30-9 :00 pm:  Keynote speaker evening fundraiser. Purchase your ticket here  

Wednesday, October 16: Alliance Française Seattle : Talk/Booksigning, 6 :30 pm at the Alliance Française.

Monday, October 21 :  Reading and booksigning at Vroman’s Bookstore in conjunction with the Alliance Française of Pasadena, 7  pm












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