Go, Macron!

Just posted this on Facebook today and got a huge and positive response so am re-posting here for the readers of my blog.

No sooner had Emmanuel Macron won the first round in the French presidential elections than he was criticized for inviting friends and followers to celebrate at La Rotonde, a well-known brasserie in Montparnasse. Some ill-wishers compared the outing to Sarkozy’s victory dinner at Le Fouquets on the Champs Elysées. Difference number one: Le Fouquets smacks of nouveau riche and La Rotonde does not. Difference number two: Macron invited his secretaries, bodyguards, chauffeurs and staff. And while we’re on the subject, many, especially on the left, cannot swallow the fact that Macron worked at the Banque Rothschild. I say “YAY” and (gasp) isn’t it unusual and wonderful that a French (or almost any) politician actually worked in the real world? (But then, I’m unusual – I don’t have an automatic hatred of bankers since my husband was one and is a perfectly normal decent person). And while I’m on this rant, I am sick and tired of people who are jealous of other people who WORK for MONEY and sometimes even make a lot of it. In France, money, not sex, is the big problem and if Macron wins, which I hope he will, we’ll be getting this Rothschild Bank stuff poured down our throats for five years. But I’m not worried about Macron who is at his best when attacked. He told the reporter who brought up the Fouquets comparison that he had no lessons to receive from “le petit milieu” (the Parisian microcosm) and if he didn’t understand that the evening was a moment of joy to share with family and friends and helpers, he “didn’t understand anything about life”. Go, Macron!

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